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Noteworthy bug:

I jumped into a corner, and now I cannot go anywhere.

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this game is crashing for me please fix so i can play the game

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Sorry for the inconvenience, did the game show any error before it crash? Which version are you using?

Dear Digital Adobo,

I have suffered a similar problem, and I have made my way to GitHub to see what the problem was. It can be viewed at

But here is a direct quote:

Although that's a message generated by the itch sandbox, the reason is that the game is shipping an installer type that isn't supported by the app.

When the app sees a single .exe file it:

  • Tries to detect known installer types: if it detects those, it runs the install process silently so the game is installed to the chosen install location
  • If no known installer type is detected, it assumes the .exe itself is the game, and copies is to the install location

In this case, the latter happened, but it looks like it is an installer, not just the game.

I recommend asking the developer for a portable build of the game, you can direct them to !

Hello Michael,
Thank you very much for your response. I replaced the Game Installer with a compressed application. This should fix the problem.

I'm truly sorry for the trouble. 

good game thanks

Please add controller support. :-)

HI dev's can i play this game using a controller?

I'm not a dev, but it looks like its keyboard only.

The game doesn't currently support controller. Though, it will be implemented soon.


Quick Look for Bad Bots Rises. Great fun and awesome value to say the least!


I like the bite-sized levels and the weapon variety. :) Two more bosses to go...

Which engine you're used in development? :)


I use Game Maker Studio